About us

Nicon Industries A/S is an order producing company, specialized in large and complex projects with short terms of delivery, stringent requirements for working Environment, quality, traceability, and documentation.

We are mainly working in the industries of Offshore Wind, Offshore Oil and Gas, Maritime and Construction, but with our experienced, committed, dedicated, and certified, workforce we believe that we can be a trusted supplier for other industries as well.

Due to the above and our setup we are also striving to “go the extra mile” to have satisfied and long-term customers.


Our highly competent workforce never compromise on quality.

We are certified according to EN ISO 9001 / EN ISO 3834-2 / EN 1090

our references

Fabrication and Transport



Tower Grillage

Complex and customized aluminium

Aluminium work

Reinforcement of structure


Vessel service

Vessels Ashore


Adapter flanges

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