We have 3 production facilities, 2 in Esbjerg and 1 in Frederikshavn.


Our workshops are managed by Workshop Mangers, running a permanent staff of fitters and certified welders of approximately 80 persons. Common to them all, Managers as well as fitters and welders, is that they are very highly skilled, flexible and have gained a wide range of experience throughout many years of employment in the Offshore industry.


During periods with high peak load, we have few well-known subcontractors where we can hire in extra staff, which means that we are familiar with the fitters and welders coming in, and they are familiar with us, our standards, requirements and QHSE procedures.

Workshop capacity:

Sperlingvej 2
DK-6700 Esbjerg

  • Workshop 1250 m2
  • Workshop lifting capacity: 32 ton + 10 ton
  • Gate size W: 18 m. H: 11 m.
  • Site area 7800m2
  • Quayside distance 150 m.
  • Water depth 10,5 m.

Trafikhavnskaj 1
DK-6700 Esbjerg

  • Workshop 1800 m2
  • Workshop lifting capacity: 2x5t + 2x5t + 2x5t + 2×3,2t
  • Gate size 3 pcs. W: 7m. H: 7 m.
  • Site area 3500m2
  • Quayside distance 25 m.
  • Water depth 10,5 m.

Sandholm 55
DK-9900 Frederikshavn

  • Workshop 500 m2
  • Workshop lifting capacity: 5t
  • Gate size W: 4m. H: 4 m.
  • Site area 3000m2
  • Quayside distance 200 m.
  • Water depth 10 m.

Surface treatment:
Over the years, the constructions we build in our workshops have become larger and larger, and gradually so large that it was difficult to transport them around the streets of Esbjerg. Therefore, we have established our own surface treatment workshop for sandblasting and paint work. It is placed in the immediate vicinity of the workshop on Sperlingvej.

Size: 350 m2
Gate: W: 19 m. H: 8m.

Another crucial department of Nicon Industries is our warehouse. Besides ingoing- and outgoing goods, they are responsible purchasing of all daily consumer goods such as working clothes, PPE, tools, welding wire, bolts etc.

Repairing and maintenance of wires, cables, and tools such as grinders, drilling machines, welding handles etc. is also carried out here.

On top of that they are responsible for packing and unpacking of project containers for external jobs carried out on different location in Esbjerg, other parts of Denmark and abroad.


Our highly competent workforce never compromise on quality.

We are certified according to EN ISO 9001 / EN 1090-1  / EN ISO 3834-2 /  EN ISO 45001 / EN ISO 14001

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