Offshore oil & gas

Customized solutions

Over the years Nicon Industries A/S entire, committed, dedicated, and certified, workforce has performed several customized solutions for the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry, and hereby achieved a wide range of knowhow and expertise.

All projects, despite the variation of size and complexity, has been performed with short terms of delivery, stringent requirements for working Environment, quality, traceability, and documentation.

In cooperation with specialists in our network of suppliers and sub suppliers, we can also offer competent and specialized solutions within the area of machining, surface treatment / paint work, electrical work, hydraulic, pipe work, ventilation, insulation etc.


Our highly competent workforce never compromise on quality.

We are certified according to EN ISO 9001 / ISO EN 3834-2 / EN 1090

our references


Stairs and Gangways

Fabrication and Transport


Water Riser with deep well pump

Jack-up Rig “Atlantic Labrador”

Replacement of steel

Jack-up rig “Ensco 71”

Aluminiums hatches

Jack-up rig “Maersk Resilient”

Yard Stay in Hirtshals

Jack-up rig “Maersk Guardian”

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