Changing Bow Plates

Mobilization of various Equipment

Various Upgrades on Loading System

Various Sea Fastening jobs

Deme Offshore

Transition Piece

Sea Fastening

Sea Fastening

Boat Landing

Deme Offshore Structures

Sheet Pile Corners

Root End Structures

Sea Fastening Structures

Barbecue dinner

Structures from the Seagreen Project

Leg Guide Extractor

Substructures for Root- and Tip End Blade Rack

Substructure for Tip End Blade Rack

Tower Grillages

Various Sea Fastening

Wind Europe

Wind Europe 2021

Various Sea Fastening

Sandblasting, priming and paint.

Aluminium Stairs

Prefabrication and Mobilization


Sea Fastening – Adapter Flanges

Onsite assistance on the Baltic Pipe Project

Prefabrication for the Baltic Pipe Project

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