One of our strength is our flat organization. We do not have “Upstairs and Downstairs” management, as our owners’ desk is placed in the Project Department, which is in close vicinity of the workshops where they also spend time every day. Hereby they are a part of “the gang” and always have a “finger on the pulse” with each single project and ready to step in with help if needed. This is very important for us, as we most of the time is working simultaneously on several projects with very short times of delivery.


Our highly competent workforce never compromise on quality.

We are certified according to EN ISO 9001 / EN 1090-1  / EN ISO 3834-2 /  EN ISO 45001 / EN ISO 14001

our references

Fabrication and mobilization of blade racks

FAT & Installation – Green Energy

Havfram Wind

Tower Adapters for seafastning


Deme Offshore

Vessel Repair

Changing Bow Plates

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