Jetting system og Water Riser

Jack-up barge “Sea Worker JB 109”

Nicon Industries A/S has in 2008 and 2009 carried out the following prefabrication- and fitting jobs on the Jack-up Barge “SEA WORKER JB 109”.

Prefabrication and fitting of a Blade Outrigger and Raw Water Riser. The job was carried out for A2SEA A/S.

Prefabrication and fitting of pipes / Jetting system in the jacking legs. The job was carried out for A2SEA A/S.


Statement from the barge:

Dear Sir,
I would like to thank NICON INDUSTRIES A/S and their installation crew for the job well done on our barge.
The jobs were performed in a very professional way and all problems dealt with in a clever way. I want to thank the installation crew for their great effort, especially the crew that stayed on board longer. They have shown a great professionalism and endless effort to solve any problem we were dealing with!
It has been a pleasure working with them and having them on board.

Sr. Barge Master
Mr. Hans Meijers

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